March News

UK Production News is celebrating its fifteenth year of existence in 2024, and with that, a new enhanced website is coming very soon. We very much value all our subscribers, across our two websites in the UK (UK Production News and UK Casting News) and our two websites in the USA (USA Production News and USA Casting News), and we'd also very much welcome your comments on our service.

One of the questions we get asked the most is this: why do we not list the personal or direct email addresses of line producers and other production personnel whose names we include in our UK listings. The answer is simple, and it's four letters: GDPR. The GDPR regulations, which apply in the UK and throughout the European Union, forbid the publishing of personal email addresses without consent. We have in the past attempted to seek consent, but it’s almost never granted. You can imagine why! In the USA, no such regulations exist.

Another question is this: why do we not list as much detail about productions as some of our competitors do, and why is our list usually shorter. Again, simple answers to both questions: we'd prefer to just give the basics, and for any of our subscribers who want to know more, IMDB and IMDB Pro contain a wealth of information, and far more than we’d ever have the space to list.

And as regards the number of productions we list, we know that some of our competitors list hundreds, if not thousands of shows coming up, or allegedly coming up. Here, we don't see the point in listing something that isn’t real. Why would we want our subscribers to make contact with hundreds of producers or production companies, when maybe only a small percentage of that number are actually crewing up or close to crewing up?

Thank you again for subscribing and we'd love to hear from you.

Alexander Morton